You should know (about): [email protected] & Ember.Enumberable.invoke

So say you have a any array of objects in your ember app

testArray = [{name: "bob the builder"}, {name: "sarah the smasher"}]
> [Object, Object]

Did you know that there is a ‘magic’ keyword called @each you can use to pluck properties from all your objects like this:

> v {_keyName: "name", _owner: v, _content: Array[2], __nextSuper: undefined, __ember1448307773263: null…}

It returns a weird ember object array thing that you can convert into a normal array with toArray() like so:

> ["bob the builder", "sarah the smasher"]

Normally, I see this combined with a map when the values need to be processed in some way

testArray.get('').toArray().map (names)-> name.replace(" ", "")
> ["bobthe builder", "sarahthe smasher"]

But did you know that ember has an invoke function that will call a function with any params you want on each element?

testArray.get('').invoke('replace', " ", "")
> ["bobthe builder", "sarahthe smasher"]

Much more succinct than how it’s normally done :)